Profile of Miss Shaimaa Ashour Shaimaa Ashour is An assistant professor at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.

Shaimaa Ashour

Over seventeen years’ experience in the architectural profession: between teaching, field research, photography and architectural event planning. I like to narrate stories about architecture and places; whether that’s through teaching, writing, photography or public lectures. I am an architect with multi-disciplinary interests ranging from Egyptian 19th & 20th century architecture to cultural heritage, architectural advertisement and urban history. Two editions were published from her book "The Pioneer Egyptian Architects during the Liberal Era (1919-1952)”.

General research interests

Teaching, Field research, Photography, Egyptian modern architecture, Development,
Cultural heritage, Heritage narratives, Arabic Literature, Archive,
Architectural Publicity and publications, Blogging, Writing

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Architectural Advertisement in Light of the Culture of Consumption; Towards a Critical Approach Analysing the Poster Structure for Architectural Advertising Campaigns

PhD Abstract

Symbolic denotations of physical elements of a propaganda poster may promote the principles of the culture of consumption. This is achieved through overlaying the non-verbal and verbal visuals with features of consumption in a specific strategy to deliver the required message. Those features can be deduced through documenting and analyzing the manipulation of three elements in the photographic image used in the propaganda poster; the architectural system, the spatial system and the social system. This will be made in order to assert the principles of consumption and their impact on the commodification of architecture. Thus, the main aim is to develop a critical model to analyze the propaganda poster structure for different forms of architectural advertising campaigns; whether the addressed architecture in the propaganda poster was as a product, a trend of thought or a profession. This will help to deduce the features of consumption that affect the consumers’ desires through understanding the relationship between the symbolic denotations for the physical elements of the propaganda poster and the advertising strategies that transform the needs into consumption values through the promotional appeal. Also the study will shed light on the effect of this inter-relation on the field of architectural advertisement and on the commodification of architecture on the international and local levels