Profile of Mr Sergio Alvarado Vazquez University of Twente

Sergio Alvarado Vazquez

I'm a Mexican planner with a bachelor degree in Urban Environmental Design at the University of Puebla, a master degree in Processes of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Guadalajara; and now a PhD candidate of the program PLUS (People, Land and Urban Systems) in the university of Twente in Netherlands

General research interests

Public space, social participation, community engagment, participatory design, participatory geographic information systems, public life, urbanism, latin america planning, collaborative mapping

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Infrastructuring Public Spaces in Mexico through Participatory Methods

PhD Abstract

The inclusion of the society in the decisions of the city is not part of the local agenda of many municipalities in Mexico, for that reason, part of the territory of Mexico that is used for public functions can be changed for political reasons, involving sometimes corruption in the process, in that case some social organizations and NGO's tried to defended this processes against personal interest, in that case this research tries to aim the focus on participatory methodologies that uses technologies in order to generate knowledge about the situation and how this processes can be positive or negative for local communities.