Profile of Ms Nadine Appelhans TU Dortmund University

Nadine Appelhans

Post-Doc Researcher

General research interests

Conceptualisation of urbanisation processes. The role of planning in urbanising societies. Informal planning and urbanisation.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Urban Planning and Everyday Urbanisation: A Case Study of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

PhD Abstract

Urbanization in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, poses challenges to urban living conditions. Construction and settling processes have largely remained incremental, although in the year 2005 a new national urban policy was introduced. Nadine Appelhans focuses on the relation of statutory planning standards to practices of everyday urbanization. The findings from Bahir Dar suggest that socio-economic segregation has continued. There is therefore a need for policy changes. This study argues that urban development needs to be locally grounded, differentiated, and inclusive, based in a typology of neighborhoods and neighborhood specificities.