Profile of Mr Milan Husar Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology

Milan Husar

General research interests

My research interests are related to theoretical side of planning, theory of commons, polycentric theory, governance and normative planning, the ways how it is supposed and to and transforming these theories into planning practice.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Governing soft spaces – territorial polycentric governance for metropolitan regions

PhD Abstract

The objective of the proposed research is to develop a model for metropolitan cooperation based on polycentric governance model. Polycentric here means a system when there exist many overlapping arenas (or centers) of authority and responsibility, these arenas exist at all scales, from local community groups to national governments to the informal arrangements for governance at the global level (McGinnis, 1999). It is based on an assumption of looking at the model area (Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region) as a soft territory with many overlapping smaller areas and problems and potentials which need space (literally and metaphorically). Another view on the region is seeing it as a common pool resource which if being governed by actors interacting in the territory. This is supposed to be done by utilizing the lifelong work of Elinor Ostrom and her theory of commons (Ostrom 1990 and so-called Bloomington School). Another huge body of theory to be employed is communicative/collaborative planning (Healey, 1997; Forester 1993) while looking also at opposing view on this theory (for example Clifford & Tewdwr-Jones, 2013 and other Tewdwr-Jones’ works). Collaborative planning is supposed to be an answer to the question on interaction of actors, their conduct in the arena and in connection with theory of commons it is believed that these two bodies of theory might in synergic mutually complement each other.