Profile of Miss Mennatullah Hendawy Ain Shams University and TU Berlin

Mennatullah Hendawy

I am a “multipotentialite” interested in experimental methodologies, and participatory action research. I have experience in qualitative research methods (practiced in my master thesis: and quantitative data analysis (through my work as a research assistant in 10 Tooba: I aim through my research & work to take values into action by connecting socio-spatial justice, human rights, enablement, sustainable development, and community empowerment, with urban planning, design, policies, environmental planning, history, and academia. This stems from my intellectual urge to study analytical research towards theory building, which is a missing focus in the MENA region.

General research interests

urban planning, design, policies, environmental planning, history analysis, community empowerment, academia, socio-spatial justice, and sustainable development. ​