Profile of Mrs Markéta Hugová Czech Technical University

Markéta Hugová

General research interests

Sustainable deveopment applied in the field of urban planning is a complex problem. The main interest of the research is the relationship and dependancy between spatial structures (eg. polycentric cities) and sustainable policies.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

polycentric structure of the Prague metropolitan region as a prerequisite for sustainable development

PhD Abstract

In the view of sustainable development the metropolitan regions have a very specific position. They influence often a large areas. Therefore their harmonious and sustainable development is essential for the functioning of entire states. At the same time they are very sensitive to the relative position between themselves. And also, more importantly, due to the high concentration of people, they are sensitive to extreme situations such as oil crises,natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

In the Czech Republic the only region of such importance is Prague with its hinterlands. However this uniqueness also means that there is not enough experience in supporting the sustainable development on this scale. Also the legislation is not accordingly set to deal with such issues.

The aim of the research is to create a basis for the sustainable development strategy for the Prague region.