Profile of Ms Kejt Dhrami Polis University

Kejt Dhrami

A few words about myself :)
I am currently working as a spatial planning and regional development expert at Co-Plan Institute, Tirana, Albania, and as a lecturer at Polis University. I recently finished my doctoral studies in urban planning, at the IDAUP Programme, Polis/Ferrara. My fields of expertise include spatial, regional and urban planning and governance, land management and land market policies. I have worked in different typologies of projects, from developing regional and national strategies, to designing local plans, community-based projects, etc.The types of activities I engaged in include coaching, project acquisition, research, GIS-based data analysis/processing, etc.

General research interests

Pursuant my PhD research, I am interested in exploring land management instruments and indicators in terms of livability in urban and territorial scale. Also, I have interest in studying morphological tools of spatial analysis, to understand how they can facilitate decision-making in urban level. Furthermore, while currently working as a local expert in the Regional Development Programme Albania, my interests have expanded towards regional development schemes, regional grant management and regional programming.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Re-inventing zoning through operational morphology. Innovative form-based codes for efficient territorial subdivisions and enhanced normativity in complex urban systems