Profile of Miss israa mahmoud universita mediterranea di reggio calabria

israa mahmoud

General research interests

public spaces and Cultural-based urban regeneration

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Sociability of Public spaces and Placemaking approach as key drivers for Cultural-Based Urban Regeneration processes.

PhD Abstract

Learning case studies: Northend Park Green Way, Boston Massachusetts.
The main aim of this research is to understand the dynamics of social mixing and sociability in the public spaces that help shape the cultural aspects of public itself. Within this, in the first part of the thesis, the placemaking (as an approach) is investigated from the literature point of view; then followed by an extensive built up methodology overlooking the quality criteria of public spaces and how those criteria are qualified, quantified, and evaluated. The second part, builds up on a matrix of evaluation that compresses vertically four tools of evaluation (intercept user individual surveys, observational analysis, in-depth interviews with on-site and in-field experts, and finally statistical analysis of heat maps). This matrix of evaluation is built horizontally across two identifiable categories (Public Life and Public Space) metrics. The third and last part encompasses the implementation of the evaluation tools over the case study to evaluate the success of using the placemaking approach and emphasizing on the sociability aspects towards achieving cultural-led urban regeneration projects.
The Case Study Under progress is the Northend Park and Plaza, Boston, MA; the reason of this selection in specific that it takes part of a cultural corridor (identified as a cultural cluster in economic studies) that -in a wider scope- is to foster the infusion between theoretical approach (from literature) and the implicational part (from the evaluation matrix of the case study) with the aim to inset the Placemaking approach as an identifiable policy by which we can change the facets of Human Public Spaces uses in cities today.