Profile of Mr Hulusi Eren Efeoğlu Research Assistant

Hulusi Eren Efeoğlu

General research interests

urban design, urban morphology, retail geography, urban utopia, futurist thinking in urbanism

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Retail Fabric of the Contemporary City: An Analytical Search for a Correlation Between Urban Morphology and the Spatial Distribution of Micro-businesses

PhD Abstract

This study addresses the impact of new retail geography, emerging with globalization, on the spatiality of micro-businesses in uncoordinated settings . Although there is an important heritage of traditional location models dealing with the spatial organization of retails, they have provided a deductive consideration on urban form. The exogenous factors in the location choices of micro-businesses, particularly compositional and configurational parameters of the urban form, have been often overlooked in the literature. However, the contemporary cities' complex structure is no longer comprehended by eliminating the role of urban form. In this context, the research will focus on micro-retail geography that is comparatively disregarded in the literature. The main objective of the research is to investigate intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of urban form that may generate affordances for retailing activities. Therefore, this study presents a research framework considering the multi-variables that will be derived from the compositional and configurational patterns of urban space. The framework would allow the generation of a robust understanding of micro-businesses’ spatial distribution. This analytical search intends to reveal the mechanisms of formation and evolution processes of the retail landscape in a multi-scalar approach through a particular time interval with an empirical investigation.