Profile of Ms ELNAZ GHAFOORIKOOHSAR The University of Manchester


I am a PhD candidate of Urban Planning in School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, with an interest in exploring the social side of cities, and how social is related to physical, economic and environmental.

General research interests

Planning for diversity and difference, cultural planning, politics of diversity, multicultural city, urban regeneration, planning public spaces, urban design, masterplanning

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Transformative encounter? exploring the effects of urban planning practices on encounter in multi-ethnic public spaces

PhD Abstract

In exploring issues on urban diversity, two core normative principles are identified as goals for planning; ‘redistribution’ of resources and ‘recognition’ of social diversity. These principles provide an analytical separation to draw attention to different dimensions of urban social justice. As these two principles are concerned with the diverse identities of urban inhabitants, planning as a process that needs to consider social as well as technical processes can not treat urban citizens as homogeneous. If the forming of diversity by planning is to have a spatial context, it also requires awareness of public interactions. So the notion of encounter that distinguishes the hybridity of people should be another matter for planning. This study uses the idea of convivial encounter that can contribute to improvement of intercultural understandings. By following an ethnographic research design, it is exploring the effects of planning practices on encounters in retail marketplaces, as neglected public spaces in British towns and cities.