Profile of Ms Daphna Levine Technion

Daphna Levine

Architect Daphna Levine is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Meirav Aharon-Guttman. Daphna is engaged in the search of routes to integrate social issues into urban planning, by creating models of concrete areas for representing abstract social phenomena. Specifically, her research examines urban redevelopment as an opportunity for social mobility of the lower-middle-class.

General research interests

By combining cutting-edge technology (e.g. Agent Based Spatial Microsimulation) and qualitative research, Daphna strives to encode and assess the demographic dynamics and social impacts of urban redevelopment processes. This unique approach allows her to operate at the intersection between social sciences, architecture, urban planning and advanced technology. The vision of her research is developing a new and advanced medium for making social-spatial decisions, which will establish a new protocol in urban planning.