Profile of Miss Carolina Mónica Gonçalves Martins Instituto Superior Técnico

Carolina Mónica Gonçalves Martins

Arts; Architecture; Urbanism;

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title


PhD Abstract

This research aims to re-think and define a new methodology to support the rehabilitation of historical and heritage university Campus, in order to satisfy the requirements demanded to be presented as a functional and physical accessible learning space. Although this study will be based on the oldest European university’s spaces still active nowadays – University of Bologna (1088), University of Oxford (1096) and University of Paris (1170) – that by the time of its construction didn’t have this type of concerns, it arises the need of study and think new methods of rehabilitation that comply with the law allowing inclusive design to be implemented, but at the same time not destroying the identity of the places considered their Cities’ heritage.
The proposed methodology is based on the accessibility’s survey of the previews universities, with special attention to the changes made to follow regulations or the absent of it. It’s proposed to, firstly, understand the history, context, needs and actual life of the three Campus and then drawings’ analyses in order to achieve a better understanding of the barriers corrected by rehabilitation projects or the ones still needing some transformation. It also aims to follow the daily routines of users with disabilities (students and staff) applying non-intrusive methods of observation allowing interactions with the spatial context, to prove if the changes were efficient or not. Based on the conclusion, there will be different approaches depending on each situation – no improvements, changes poorly adequate to the building’s context and heritage’s importance and, finally, successful changes applied. With this study’s conclusion it’s intended to define the requirements of a methodology that allow the correct and adequate rehabilitation process in order to achieve inclusive campus in special historical buildings.