Profile of Ms aysegul can university of sheffield

aysegul can

I am currently a PhD Candidate at the Department of Town and Regional Planning at University of Sheffield. Since September, 2011 I have been studying in University of Sheffield and I in the process of making significant contributions in the field of urban planning, significantly for the concept of gentrification. I believe I am a worthy researcher in my area, based on my background and my current studies.

General research interests

I have been educated as an urban planner and my general research interest mostly revolved around urban planning. I am particularly interested in urban renovation in historic environment and gentrification process. I am also interestedn in urban conservation and heritage. I have some experience in social exclusion and social segregation in working class neighbourhoods.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The Relationship between Neighbourhood Renovation and Gentrification in a Historic Environment: The Example of Istanbul

PhD Abstract

This research will focus on the renovation and regeneration projects, and also on the gentrification concept in the historic neighbourhoods of Istanbul. Examining the diverse and complex relationships between regeneration, renovation projects and gentrification processes, one of the main aspects of the present study is to understand why in certain cities
gentrification occurs after renovation and regeneration projects. To investigate these points, world cities concept and gentrification concept will be examined in the first part of the research proposal. Afterwards, changes in Turkish economic and housing system will be
studied to understand the dynamics that affect Istanbul. In this part, also, a particular attention will be provided to the gentrified neighbourhoods in the historic part of Istanbul. Before the 2000s, gentrification through private housing market was the case in Istanbul, but from the
2000s state-led gentrification started to become more common. The reason behind the increase of state intervention and involvement in gentrification from the 2000s will represent a key aspect to investigate. Finally, in the last part of this research proposal, research aims
and research questions, case study selection and research methods will be investigated.