Profile of Miss Anna Mazzolini University IUAV, PhD School

Anna Mazzolini

From the beginning of my career (architecture) I have been interested in urban issues for developing countries, beginning as internship in UN-Habitat and then developing my final thesis in an informal area of Maputo. I specialized in international Cooperation and later I attended a 2 Level Postgraduate programme on land use planning for developing countries. I worked as international consultant for the UN-Habitat Cities Alliance programme of participatory planning. Afterwards I worked as project manager for an Italian NGO in a 3 years slum upgrading program.I am attending the second year of my PhD on regional planning and public policies.

General research interests

Given my background, I continue to be interested in urban topics and planning policies for developing and emerging countries. In particular I am interested in the recent macro changes in land management in Sub-Saharan Africa. If years ago I was basically specialized in slum upgrading and participatory planning in highly environmental vulnerable areas,, thanks to the PhD I'm attending I'm expanding my range of studies to public policy planning in general, applying them to a wider scale of thought.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Regional Planning and Public Policies

PhD Abstract

My research focuses on the consequences that the major socio-economic changes in Sub-Saharan African urbanities are causing on urban management trends and planning policies responses. In particular, attention is focused on the growth of a new urban middle class that demands more services and greater affordable housing provision. The thesis aims to analyze what are the policy responses that local governments are giving in terms of planning, but also the implicit consequences such responses could have on the informal areas, in terms of "right to the city", land property rights, urban inclusion.