Profile of Mr Angel Burov University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy

Angel Burov

Assistant Professor at the Urban Planning Department, UACEG, Sofia from the autumn of 2008.
Occupation in various theoretical, ethical, analytical and conceptual educational modules at the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Urbanisme.
Research experience in projects and activities supported by EU FPs, COST actions and other international and national funds and programmes.
Practical experience in urban planning and design consulting services.
Participation in various activities of NGOs and citizen action groups' - mostly in policy formulation and consultation and good practices implementation.

General research interests

Integrated Urban & Rural Planning, Urban & Rural Resilience, Environmental & Landscape Planning, Urban Biodiversity & Agriculture, Tourism & Recreational Planning, EIA & SEA, Urban Regeneration & Design, Creative Destruction & Creative Resistance, Community Empowerment & Intentional Communities, Sustainable Development Monitoring & Evaluation, Non-motorized Mobility & Cycling etc.