Profile of Ms Alice-Marie Archer Portsmouth School of Architecture

Alice-Marie Archer

I’m Alice-Marie Archer – a PhD student researching Agritecture at Portsmouth School of Architecture. Before this I spent 7 years as a soilless farming practitioner and I have a background in collaboration, innovation and sustainable systems – research and practice.

General research interests

Soilless Farming
Sustainable Cities
Collaborative Innovation Management
Systems Sciences
Circular Economics / Urban Metabolism / Closed Loop Systems

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

How is Agritecture moving farming *beyond earth*?

PhD Abstract

Before agriculture, there was no urban. Today- the production of food is increasingly mediated by technologies. Modern soilless growing techniques are changing the face of how and where we can ‘do’ food. These new modes of farming depend on architectures in order to synthesise and move elements of landscape. Agritecture (agriculture+architecture) is a relatively new term, used to denote – “the art, science, and practice of incorporating agriculture into the built environment” ( This research seeks to investigate the potential (and risks) of soilless (i.e. where natural earth is not the main growth medium or landscape) Agritecture and its proponents to disrupt our existing food systems, and to draw out pathways that can contribute to the transition of soilless Agritecture from niche to norm.