[BLOG] How can colour contribute to fostering urban justice?

[BLOG] How can colour contribute to fostering urban justice? image

A summary examining the potential of so-called “placemaking” interventions in terms of strengthening urban justice, using the placemaking strategy of the Colombian capital Bogotá as an example.

By Silja Marie Kessler

The question at the title of this article was part of a qualitative study conducted at Utrecht University as part of the master’s program in International Development Studies. The study draws insights from the case of a state-led placemaking strategy, HabitARTE, a placemaking program implemented in Bogotá, Colombia. Based on the premise that artistic interventions can be a powerful driver of urban regeneration with social, economic, and environmental benefits, the Bogotá Municipality launched HabitARTE to improve social inclusion and beautify public spaces and facades in informal settlements with colourful murals.

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