Call for hosting the 2020 YA Conference

Call for hosting the 2020 YA Conference image
  • September 12, 2018
The YA Coordination Team is looking for a group of members of an AESOP member school to organise and host the 2020 AESOP Young Academics Conference.

The annual YA Conference is organised and hosted by a Local Organising Committe, together with the Young Academics Coordination Team. Every year about 40 PhD and Post-doc researchers are invited to attend the YA Conference to present their work, share their ideas and most importantly receive critical feedback. Applications are open to all YA members and candidates are selected on the basis of their abstract submission. The conference is limited in size to provide an optimal environment for presentation, discussion and personal feedback on evolving academic work. The YA conference is attended by internationally renowned scholars who deliver keynote speeches and provide mentorship throughout the conference as track chairs. Papers submitted to the YA Conference are considered for a best paper award. This award provides the opportunity to the recipient to receive targeted feedback on their work, resulting in a recognised publication with the supporting journal.

Organising the YA conference is one of the most important contributions to our network.  You will gain valuable experience in organising acadmic events. You have the influence to shape the planning discourse by defining the themes of the conference. And, you have the chance to get in close contact with top-level researchers from all over Europe that are often very happy to support the event as keynote speakers and track chairs. The organisation process includes fundraising, practical organisational tasks, the development of track themes, the selection of abstracts, the evaluation of papers, among other duties. 

A full list of tasks and information regarding the bidding process can be found in our guidelines for organisers

If you are interested in hosting the event, you can contact the YA Coordination Team for further information. Please submit your application by 31 December 2018.