Call for Hosting The 13th Conference of AESOP Young Academics Network

Call for Hosting The 13th Conference of AESOP Young Academics Network image

What is the AESOP Young Academics Conference?

  • The AESOP Young Academics conference is an annual conference attended by scholars of the YA Network and provides an opportunity for presentation, discussion and personal feedback on evolving academic work.
  • Internationally renowned scholars deliver keynote speeches and provide mentorship throughout the conference as tracks.
  • The conference is held yearly during Spring – preferably during the month of March or early April – for a duration of 3 to 4 days.
  • Usually the conference incudes keynote lectures (4+-); parallel sessions (8 to 10 sessions for a total of 40 to 50 presentations); a conference dinner and a best paper prize in collaboration with an international academic peer-reviewed journal (Currently in collaboration with Routledge).
  • So far there have been 11 successful conferences in
  • Past conferences have been in Bratislava (Slovakia) 2007; St Petersburgh (Russia).. 2008; Vienna (Austria) 2009; Prague (Czech Republic) 2010; Delft (the Netherlands) 2011; Reading (UK) 2012; Vienna (Austria) 2013; Gothenburg (Sweden) 2014; Palermo (Italy) 2015; Ghent (Belgium) 2016; Munich (Germany) 2017. The 2018 conference is held in Groningen, the Netherlands. On the right hand side of the following link you can find out all about those conferences.

Submitting your bid

  1. Candidate institutions should send their proposals to Coordination Team (CT) of Young-Academics (YA) in the form of brief document (maximum 3000 words), before the identified deadline. Proposals are to be sent to the following e-mail address:


Selection criteria

1-      Priority is for schools in cities that did not previously host a YA conference.

2-      A theme should be chosen that is original and covers a wide disciplinary interest and differ from themes previously covered in YA conferences. Please refer to the above mentioned link in order to be aware of the previous themes.

3-       Conference themes capable of attracting participants from outside Europe and non-member schools aredefinitely preferable.


What should the bid include?

1-      Description of the conference theme and preliminary list of tracks.

2-      List of potential keynote speakers.

3-      Tentative program – with number of presentations, theme of the workshop and public event.

4-      Preliminary budget with financial commitment from the hosting institution (see below for further details).

5-      The Local Organizing Committee (LoC): that should be composed primarily of YA members from the hosting school, and a conference coordinator.

6-      List of possible dates – the final date should be agreed upon with AESOP ExCO. A prospective timeline would be:  

  • 15 September 2017: CfP online;
  • 1 November 2017: submission of abstracts;
  • 15 December 2017: notification of acceptance and request of registration;
  • 31 January 2017: deadline for full paper and registration submission;
  • March/April 2018: conference.


Who attend Young Academics Conference?

1-      Every year 30-40 participants are invited to attend the YA conference to present their work, share their ideas and most importantly receive critical feedback in an open, collegial atmosphere.

2-      YA conferences are free for participants. AESOP YA encourages the LoC to open the event to Young academics, even if they would be non-presenting attendees. Up to 10 non-presenting attendees can be accepted and will pay a small fee (~50€) to cover the costs of meals and conference material.

3-      The conference is open to students (PhD, post-doc), early-career scholars and young practitioners and activists involved with relevant issues to planning (urban, rural, political, or social).

4-      All YA members can participate to a YA conference, whether they are affiliated to AESOP or not.


Budget and Finance

Costs generally include:

  • 4 keynote speakers’ travels, accommodation and meals (no honorarium is provided to the speakers);
  • Travel, accommodation and meals of the editor of the journal awarding the best paper prize (depending on the details of the selection process, optional);
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the conference;
  • Conference materials (book of abstracts, badges, conference bag);
  • Venues (often the host institution provides the venue free of costs);
  • Conference final dinner (although, in case of limited financial resources, this cost could be covered by participants);
  • Costs related to the workshop and city tour;
  • Wire transfer costs.

AESOP contributes to the conference with:

  • a reimbursement of up to 2,000€ after the conference and only if the final balance is negative, taking into account all expenses and external funding.
  • CT travel and accommodation costs (AESOP YA annual budget).

If you have questions about submitting a bid or what it is like to organize the YA conference, please get in touch with the coordination team at

We look forward to receive your valuable proposals!

Best wishes, 

On Behalf of Young Academics Network of AESOP