URBAN RESISTANCES as Identity Politics in Cities Today

URBAN RESISTANCES  as Identity Politics in Cities Today image
as Identity Politics in Cities Today

Public Panel Debate
Monday 10 March 2014, 17.00-19.00
Wallenstamsalen, Göteborg City Museum

Urban resistances, including everyday life insurgencies, protests, riots, and urban social movements, have challenged traditional practices of city development and planning in Sweden and elsewhere. Looking at cities as spaces of power and indifference, six international scholars are invited to a public debate where they will critically rethink the “familiars” of cities, and attempt to make theoretical and political sense of these resistances. Among other questions, the scholars will discuss the socio-political conditions that trigger urban resistances, the kind of city spaces they grow in, the new spaces they produce, and whether these resistances can be “institutionalised”.

The debate is an introductory event to the 8th Conference of the Young Academics Network of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP-YA), “Cities that Talk”, 10-15 March 2014 ( Debate is co-hosted by the Urban Heritage Cluster of Critical Heritage Studies at the University of Gothenburg and Göteborg City Museum.


Jeffrey Hou is Associate Professor at the University of Washington, USA. He is the author of Transcultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking (2013), editor of Insurgent Public space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities (2010).

Andy Merrifield is a Fellow of Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, UK. He is the author of The Politics of the Encounter: Urban Theory and Protest under Planetary Urbanization (2013) and The New Urban Question, which will be published in March 2014.

Carina Listerborn is a Professor in Urban Planning and Design at Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University, Sweden. Her research focuses on urban conflicts in relation to urban social sustainability.

Britt Baillie is an Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology, and a founding member of the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, University of Cambridge, UK. She is the co-editor of (2013) Locating Urban Conflicts: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Everyday, Palgrave, London.

Håkan Thörn is Professor of Sociology at University of Gothenburg. His research concerns social movements and globalization, including urban conflicts and struggles. Recent publications include the books Space for urban alternatives? Christiania 1970-2010 (2011, co-edited) and Stad i rörelse: stadsomvandlingen och striderna om Haga och Christiania (2013).

Irene Molina, Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Social and Economic Geography, University of Uppsala, Sweden.


Ola Wetterberg is Professor at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg. His research is related to the dynamics between cultural heritage conservation as resistance and institutional practice.


Feras Hammami is a Postdoctoral research fellow in Critical Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg. His research concerns conflicts in heritage and identity politics. His latest publications include the articles Conservation under Occupation: Conflictual powers and cultural heritage meanings (PTP, 13/2 2012); and Culture and Planning for Change and Continuity in Botswana (JPER, 32/2 2012)

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