ACSP-AESOP Joint Conference (Chicago, July 2008)  ACSP-AESOP STUDENT AWARD PAPER SESSION image
  • July 10, 2008

AESOP awards for Young academics

Throughout its history, AESOP always aimed at providing young planning scholars with the opportunity to participate in the activities of the organisation as well as other important events. On the occasion of the ACSP-AESOP joint conference in Chicago, AESOP and the AESOP Young Academics Network decided to issue five bursaries for young planning scholars.

The five bursaries, each to the value of €500, were assigned in a selection process jointly organised between AESOP and the AESOP Young Academics Network. Applicants were evaluated on the academic quality of their draft papers, and priority has been given to students coming from institutes located in the countries falling under AESOP reduced fee threshold.

The bursary winners are:

  • Cermakova, Eva (Brno University of Technology)
  • Kukely, Gyorgy (Hungarian Academy of Science)
  • Pill, Madeleine (Cardiff University)
  • Webb, Brian (University of Manchester)
  • Xu, Miao (Cardiff University)

All of the bursary winners will present their papers in an ordinary paper-session. They have also been invited ‑ jointly by the AESOP Young Academics together with Donna Dodd (Chicago congress organiser) ‑ to present their papers in a special ‘honour-session’, the ACSP-AESOP student award paper session, together with the award winner from ACSP.

ACSP-AESOP student Award Paper Session

Date: Thursday, July 10, 9.45am - 11.15am

Moderator: HASELSBERGER, Beatrix (YA CT)


  • ABUKAHTER, Ahmed [University of Texas at Austin]
    Assessment of Equity in Middle Eastern Water Allocation: The Case of the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty
  • CERMAKOVA, Eva [Brno University of Technology]
    Urban Festivities, Cultural Events and Sustainalbe Urban Development. Which cultural 'festive' policies for territorial development?
  • PILL, Madeleine [Cardiff University]
    Who is governing neighbourhoods? An investigation in Baltimore
  • WEBB, Brian [University of Manchester]
    The Articulation and Co-ordination of National-level Planning Policy in Western Europe: Lessons for Canada
  • XU, Maio [Cardiff University] and
  • ZHEN, Yang [Cardiff University]  co-author
    Theoretical Debate on Gated Communities (GCs): Genesis, Controversies, and the Way Forward 

This special pre-organised session has been established in the course of long discussions with Donna Dodd and the Young Academics Co-ordination Team. It is a very attractive and important platform for the AESOP award winners for getting their voices heard as well as to raise awareness of their own research. The YA also try to attract the participating publishers and editors to attend this special session.