2nd YA Event - Looking Beyond one's Nose: Planning, Policies and Institutions for Integration

2nd YA Event - Looking Beyond one's Nose: Planning, Policies and Institutions for Integration image
  • February 6, 2008




Planning, Policies and Institutions for Integration

February 6-8, 2008

Deadline for Abstract: October 25, 2007

Acceptance Notification:November 5, 2007


The AESOP Young Academics Network and the North-West Academy of Public Administration – Faculty of State and Municipal Administration cordially invite proposals for individual papers for the 2nd YA meeting aimed to engage young scholars on planning and development issues.

Conference Objectives:

In an age where economic ‘globalization’ is often synonymous with the increased mobility of human and financial capital, it also reflects a re-organization and emergence of global production centres as well as an increasing concentration of wealth and development. In this dynamic and complex process, national borders seemingly have become more permeable just as well as impervious. Thus national borders remain both ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ for integration and discontent. In other words, the phenomenological affects of ‘globalization’ on ‘spaces’ of cross-border relations are often compounded by the effects of past and on-going events such as the end of the former Soviet bloc and European enlargement. They also are politicized and policed ‘places’ of management and control of national interests over issues such as security and immigration. Therefore, borders are far from a forgotten dimension of geopolitical space. Rather the ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ of borders are increasingly multi-dimensional and ever-changing, signifying the limits of socio-cultural identity and exchange as they alternate between differing conceptualizations such as ‘fences’, ‘hinges’, ‘barriers’ and ‘opportunities’ to many forms of development among others.


The 2nd YA Meeting – ‘Looking Beyond One’s Nose: Planning, Policies and Institutions for Integration’ – aims to gather young researchers and students from a variety of cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. It also wants to discuss and encourage the exchange of ideas and research on evolving perceptions of the ‘border’, not only for what concerns its territorial implications but also its institutional, social and cultural dimensions.

Issues for Debate

‘Borders’ constitute both ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ for integration and discontent. They are historically embedded and context-specific. In other words, whilst these ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ can be perceived as the beginning or end of particular territorial and socio-cultural understanding, they also can emerge as a link or a means of integration between different realities. With this view in mind  the 2nd YA Meeting will concentrate on the notion of the ’border’ as a multidimensional concept, exploring how its differing conceptualizations are incorporated in the ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ of planning and development.


The conference discussion and debate will begin by identifying four specific dimensions of this multidimensional concept:


1. Territorial borders and the way in which it has implications for planning and development;


2. Operational borders and the way in which differences in institutional and operational arrangements characterise different contexts and affect the transfer of good practice;


3. Cultural and Social borders and the way in which they can contribute to social exclusion phenomena as well as integration;


4. Disciplinary borders and the way in which the limits and challenges of planning at the border are addressed in the incorporation of differing knowledge sources.

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Preliminary Program

The event will take place at the North-West Academy of Public Administration – Faculty of State and Municipal Administration (St. Petersburg, Russia) from February 6 to February 8, 2008. It will be structured on four parallel sessions, guest talks, and a workshop-styled ‘world café’ to encourage the dynamic interchange of ideas by conference participants. A social dinner and a guided visit of St. Petersburg, kindly offered by our hosts at North-West Academy, and a YA Drinks gathering will provide plenty of time to socialize!


An edited publication of event proceedings will be prepared and made available following the event. The participation to the event is free of charge; accommodation (for the night 5-6, 6-7, 7-8 February 2008), lunches and coffee breaks are included for the full duration of the conference. However, participants must provide for their transportation to the venue and for any other costs.

Target Audience

Aesop Young Academics encourages the participation of all researchers currently investigating development and planning issues related to the above four ‘border’ concepts listed under ‘issues for debate.’ In order to participate, simply submit your abstract via the YA website. If you are currently not a YA member, please remember you must first register at the YA website in order to have the possibility to upload your abstract.

Abstract Submission Requirements

Each conference participant will contribute to the event with a short paper of 5,000 – 6,000 words (8-12 pp. maximum). Abstracts must be submitted by October 25, 2007, addressing one of the above four ‘border’ concepts. Deadline for papers is January 10, 2007.


Your abstract of 300-500 words should contain the following information:

Þ     Main disciplinary field of interest

Þ     Central theme: what question are you trying to address?

Þ     Relevance of your contribution to the issue(s) for debate


Submit your abstracts online at our website. Go to ‘Media Centre YA Print’ ‘Deposit to YA Print’ ‘2nd YA Meeting – Looking Beyond One’s Nose’. Once you have arrived at the ‘2nd YA Meeting – Looking Beyond One’s Nose’ category of the ‘Media Centre YA Print’ section of our website, select the ‘Abstracts’ folder; select ‘Conference, workshop or other event’ for document type and upload your abstract. It’s simple!


Again, please note that in order to upload your abstract, you have to be a member of the Aesop Young Academics Network; simply follow the instructions on “How to Become a Member”.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Basco ( or Giancarlo Cotella (


AESOP Young Academics Network and the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration – North West Academy of Public Administration

Organizational Committee


Alexander S. Gorshkov (Rector of North-West Academy of Public Administration)


Laura Basco (YA Coordination Team)

Giancarlo Cotella (YA Coordination Team)

Vitaly A. Volkov (Vice-Rector on Science, NWAPA)

Nikolay A. Tarasov (Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration, NWAPA)


Beatrix Haselsberger (YA Coordination Team)

Natalia N. Razumeyko (Dy. Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Adm., NWAPA)

Valery V. Yanovskiy (Dy. Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Adm., NWAPA)

Eduard S. Shevchenko (Head of International Affairs Department, NWAPA)