(January 2010) Urban Integrated Regeneration Programs in Italy: integration of actions, actors and policies

Urban Integrated Regeneration Programs in Italy: integration of actions, actors and policies image
I am a second year PhD student in "Territorial Planning and Local Development", at the Department "Interateneo Territorio" of the Polytechnic of Turin. I defined the issue of my research and I'm now starting on working on it. I think It will be concluded in 2 years.
I have a degree in Architecture and a Master in ‘Management of social Enterprise'.
I have competences in the field of Urban Regeneration, especially in management of "social mentoring programme" (programmes for the involvement and participation of citizens in urban regeneration of run-down neighbourhood), skills on social communication and participation processes, and on methodologies of participation.

The idea of my project starts from my professional career as an architect, involved in the last years in the implementation of urban regeneration programs in run-down neighbourhoods, with a Local Development Agency, trying to put together territorial transformation with participation of local actors.

I am now working as a PhD student, trying to keep my professional skills in a research work. My interests are related to the role of governance in the regeneration of cities, the role citizens and local actors can play in shaping their neighbourhoods, and the role played by the public policies in these processes.

I didn't participate in any AESOP PhD workshop before, and I would like to have the possibility to participate for increasing my knowledge on the subjects related to my research and to my interests.
Thinking that comparisons with others is fundamental for reciprocal growing in research, I hope that my participation to the workshop can permit me to find new ideas and challenges for my project, and I hope it gives me the possibility to have feedback from others, for having a wider look on the way of working and thinking of the community of young researchers.

Recent publications

F. GUIATI (edited by) (2008), Rigenerazione Urbana e Accompagnamento sociale, il caso di via Artom a Torino, Torino: Celid, 2008 - IT



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