(January 2010) Letter of Introduction

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My name is Prathiwi W. Putri, a doctoral researcher funded by VLIR (Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad) under the supervision of Prof. Frank Moulaert (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Dr. Teti Argo (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia). I have never attended any AESOP event and would like to benefit from the dynamic forum of AESOP PhD workshop for the progress of my research.

My research seeks to unfold the relationships between (1) water consumption norms (2) urban waste-water infrastructure development and configuration and (3) production of urban form and re-production of urban life; and how could these relationships be the framework that potentially contributes to spatial planning field in integrating water and sanitation sector planning. This research is developed on a base that urban is a space of collective consumption and technological networks within the never ending dialectics between ‘nature' and ‘culture' determining the reproduction of (water) consumption norms.

Locating within the studies of Southeast Asian urbanism, this research examines two cities in Java, Indonesia: Jakarta and Surabaya. In seeking a ‘comprehensive' historical analysis, this research is built on the periodisation of major mode of productions: subsistence communities (within the colonies of the Indonesian kingdoms), mass-agriculture nations (during Dutch colonial era and the military regime/green revolution regime) and transplanted industrial-nations (during the military regime and post ‘reform' era) instead of scaling the time as pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial era.

I am now in the first year of 4-year PhD training within the two-university co-supervisory agreement. In the first nine months, until summer 2010, I am expected to develop a theoretical framework and methodology before conducting a field research in my home country for about two years.

I have attended a two-month postgraduate forum, European Spatial Planning at Newcastle University in March 2009 before officially starting my doctoral program. The forum has been very useful in opening the research world in the planning field. Now, after starting my doctoral study, I need to expose my understanding with colleagues and mentors and I believe that this can be achieved through participating in the coming AESOP PhD Workshop. I am looking forward to hear the feedback for my application.

Leuven, 31 January 2010


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