Young Academics Elections

Young Academics Elections :: 2010

December 17, 2010 12:00:00 AM CET to December 23, 2010 12:00:00 AM CET

Candidates enrolment:
December 8, 2010 12:00:00 AM CET to December 16, 2010 11:59:59 PM CET

Dear Young Academics

The end of the year 2010 is now approaching, which for the network means a new period of elections. We are looking for three new members to join the Coordination Team and help in sustaining and expanding the network further.

The year 2010 was very productive for Young Academic Network. Starting from the 2010 YA Meeting in Prague and subsequent CT meeting in Delft, YA also had a successful contribution to main AESOP conference in Helsinki, where the YA organized YA Award Ceremony, the YA Roundtable for young academics and the traditional YA Drinks reception. Beside that, this year YA cooperated with organizers of AESOP PhD Workshop and collaborated in joint workshop with ISOCRAP YPP.

The next year YA Meeting in Delft will focus on the issues of Diversity in Urbanism: Learning Across Cultures and Disciplines.

This is indeed a great deal of activity, and we have plans to continue to expand in the coming years. CT members are holding responsibilities for different tasks including management of website contents, communication with members, thematic group coordination, event organizations, elections, publications,etc… furthermore, CT members are expected to meet up sometimes in order to suggest new activities or to redefine the existing ones. We are looking for new people to join our enthusiastic team to ensure the YA network continues to grow and provide new exciting opportunities for us, the Young Academics.

If you feel that you are one of these people, then now is the time for candidacy for the YA Network elections (deadline 16th of December).

If you feel you would not have the time to be a member of the YA CT, do not forget to express your will through voting in the election. That solely will ensure that the team continues to enjoy the full support of the network.

How do I express my interest in becoming a YA CT Officer?

It is simple! Go to the AESOP Young Academics elections webpage:


and upload your profile on the Candidates Enrolment page.

Please include your interests in the various activities of the YA as well and a description of what you hope to bring to your post, and any suggestions for new and existing YA activities and how you wish to implement them through your participation in the CT.

That is it! You are now a candidate for the CT. You will be able to upload and edit your profile from 8 December 2010 till midnight of 16 December 2010. Depending on the number of candidates there will:

  1. either be a web-based election from 17 December 2010 till 23 December 2010,

  2. or all candidates automatically will be declared as new CT members

The results of the procedure will be announced to the YA and the ExCo on early January 2011 by the AESOP Secretary General. The first meeting of the new YA CT will be held in Prague in early March. CT members reasonable travel expenses will be covered by AESOP/YA.

Everyone who is a member of the AESOP YA on 8 December 2010 is eligible to vote and become a candidate.

Membership registration is frozen from 8 December 2010 until the end of the Election period.

The election is supervised by the AESOP Secretary General who is the only person with access to the administration module of the Elections page. Neither existing CT members nor any other YA member has access or can in any way intervene in the election process.

No information is stored on the voting preferences of YA members, which ensures the privacy of member voters. Only information on whether a member has voted is stored in order to avoid double-voting.

Click here to download the election rules 

How do I vote?

Once the voting period begins the 'Browse Candidates' menu will change to 'Browse/Vote Candidates'. You will then be able to visit the website and register your vote with the candidate of your preference.

Questions or problems?

Please address any questions or problems, contact-us, please.