Young Academics Elections

Young Academics Elections :: 2007

December 7, 2007 12:00:00 AM CET to December 21, 2007 12:00:00 AM CET

Dear YA Members,

We have had a very productive year, with our 1st AESOP/YA Meeting organized in Bratislava in February, the “YA Drinks” and “YA Special Session” in Naples and a 2nd YA Meeting still to come in February of next year in St. Petersburg. But we must continue to plan for future activities, including the ‘YA Drinks&Receptions’ and 'YA Special Session' for the future ACSP/AESOP congress that will take place in Chicago in July, the AESOP/YA ‘PhD workshop’ in Norway next summer, YA outreach, and a ‘3rd AESOP/YA Meeting’ in 2009! This is, indeed, a great deal of work, which requires assistance from an enthusiastic team of coordinators to ensure the YA network continues to grow and provide new exciting opportunities for young academics to interact with each other as well as to engage with AESOP and its international partner associations.

The YA Coordination Team (CT) usually comprises of 5 officers. But this year it will see current coordinators change their roles or depart as stated in our constitutional statutes. As a result of these changes we now seek 2 new coordinators interested in taking part in the future development of the YA network and its outreach! 

More detailed information concerning the YA CT posts is available here:

Click here to download the description of CT posts 


How do I express my interest in becoming a YA CT Officer?

It is simple and interactive! Go to the AESOP Young Academics elections webpage and upload your profile on the ‘Candidates Enrollment’ page. Please include your interests in the various activities of the YA as well as a description of what you hope to bring to your post, and any suggestions for new and existing YA activities and how you wish to implement them through your participation in the CT.

That’s it! You are now a candidate for the CT. You will be able to upload and edit your profile from 23 November 2007 till midnight of 6 December 2007. Depending on the number of candidates there will either be a web-based election from 7 December 2007 till 21 December 2007, or all candidates automatically will be declared as new members of the CT for 2008-2010. CT posts can be held for a maximum of two years.

The results of the procedure will be announced to the YA and the ExCo on 27-28 December, 2007 by the AESOP Secretary General. The first meeting of the new YA CT will be held at the Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria in late February; all travel/accommodation expenses will be covered by AESOP/YA.

Everyone who is a member of the AESOP YA on 23 November 2007 is eligible to vote and become a candidate. Membership registration is ‘frozen’ from 23 November 2007 until the end of the  the Election period.

The election is supervised by the AESOP Secretary General who is the only person with access to the administration module of the Elections page. Neither existing CT members nor any other YA member has access or can in any way intervene in the election process.

No information is stored on the voting preferences of YA members, which ensures the privacy of member voters. Only information on whether a member has voted is stored in order to avoid double-voting.


How do I vote?

Once the voting period begins the 'Browse Candidates' menu will change to 'Browse/Vote Candidates'. You will then be able to visit the website and register your vote with the candidate of your preference.


Questions or problems?

Please address any questions or problems to this e-mail:

electionsya [at]