Profile of Mrs Tülay Günes TU-Darmstadt

Tülay Günes

Tülay Güneş holds a diploma and master degrees in Architecture, studied in Germany, Canada and USA. After gathering professional experiences at in Frankfurt working on housing projects and thus accreditation as Architect (AKH), she continued as a research and teaching assistant at TU Darmstadt in the design & urban development department, dealing with public space, conversion and transformation of large-scale military, industrial or commercial urban areas. Since 2017, Tülay is a doctoral candidate, focusing on the transformation of worker districts and the spatial role and contribution of migrants within the urban fabric.

General research interests

city + migration + super-diversity, urbanity + urbanization, space-place-power + place-making, ephemeral + mobile in context; housing; public open spaces

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Migration and its spatial effects in city districts of German cities: discrepancy between planning and migrant perspective.