Profile of Mrs Szilvia Kovács Doctoral School of Social and Economic Sciences, Vienna University of Technology

Szilvia Kovács

Economist BA, Sociologist MA, PhD-student, recipient of a DOC-team Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Science

General research interests

Her interests to social sciences, particularly to sociology is mixed with spatial, regional, urban studies.

PhD Abstract

'The Artist as Urban Planner - A Social Science Research'
The integration of art projects into urban planning techniques currently produces an attractive field of research and has caught the interest of various disciplines. The project responds to current developments and the ongoing discourse, analyzing possibilities to integrate art into the planning and creation of public space.
A special focus of the project is put on the investigation of representative cooperation’s between artists and urban planners. Thereby existing structures, strategies and productive conditions are analyzed and potentials worked out to enable an integration of art into urban practice on a long term basis.