Profile of Ms Suzanna Törnroth Luleå University of Technology

Suzanna Törnroth

Suzanna is a PhD Student in Architecture who has a mixed background in urban planning, sociology, marketing, and design. She has worked as an urban planner in Singapore, Dubai and Sweden, through various internships and attachments. She conducts her PhD while concurrently running a company specialising in jewellery design.

General research interests

Research interests include community and social acceptance of RETs and its influencing factors, conceptualising the prosumer from a social point of view, theory of science, urban planning and design in cold climates.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

PhD Student in Architecture

PhD Abstract

The PhD research explores the feasibility of building a shared ideal of a decentralised solar energy distribution network with both the public and local stakeholders in the North of Sweden - particularly in Porsön, Luleå. This will be done through identifying and engaging local prosumers through creative workshop methods.