Profile of Miss Sorcha Clarke Ulster University

Sorcha  Clarke

I have previous experience in both the private and public planning sectors workings for a contractor and South Northants Council respectively. These provide me with the opportunities to be a part of both green field developments and large scale regeneration projects from both perspectives.

General research interests

I find the interactions between people and the built environment a fascinating topic to research in any capacity, this is a general topic that allows for various aspects of research to be conducted due to the underlying overarching nature of public spaces and crowd behaviour.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Exploring an integrative approach to critical infrastructure and crowded places

PhD Abstract

The contemporary academic perception associated with critical infrastructure has come to incorporate the concept of public space and crowded places within the agenda. This is due to the fact that public space now contributes significantly to the reputation and economic stability of a city and if disruptions occur, the economic impacts potentially, could be devastating. This is a topic that has gathered much interest in relation to the ability of place to be resilient by way of creating dynamic places. Therefore the aim of this research is to explore the transitional understanding of what critical infrastructure, resilience and threat, is to modern society, creating a platform from which contextual integration of concepts and impact can be enhanced.