Profile of Mr Robbert van Driessche Radboud University Nijmegen

Robbert van Driessche

PhD researcher, researching vision- and strategy-making in European metropolitan spaces. Can vision-making exercises contribute to the innovation of metropolitan governance and the effective management of European metropolitan regions?

Interested in the city in its broadest sense (urban governance, planning, development etc.). This urban interest is complemented by a broad interest in sustainability, history, science & technology, and arts and culture.

General research interests

As my personal profile says, I have a broad interest in 'the city' (urban development, governance, planning, a.o.). This interest is complemented by the broad themes/fields of sustainability, history, science & technology, and arts and culture.

More specifically, and related to my PhD research, I am interested in urban and metropolitan governance, visioning, strategy-making, strategic spatial planning, re-scaling and soft spatial planning, urban futures, and futures studies.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Between Vision and Strategic Action- an analysis and interpretation of vision-making exercises as arenas for new governance approaches in European metropolitan spaces