Profile of Mrs Rizky Suci Ammalia Podlaszewska Bauhaus University Weimar

Rizky Suci Ammalia Podlaszewska

Post-Doc researcher and Project manager.

General research interests

Placemaking, Temporality in urbanism, Gentrification ,Neighbourhood change, Urban tourism, Urban regeneration and renewal, Grassroots and Activism.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The new attractive city: Towards the authentic place making of urban tourism. Study case Palembang, Indonesia

PhD Abstract

This research argues the discourse of tourism as a tool for authentic place-making. Relevant to this is the exploration of commoditization process as a set of tourist commodity dependent upon the appropriation of communities and local cultures. I argue that the authenticity has been constructed through the conscious top-down regulatory body, in which an intrinsic cultural value is disseminated within a branding strategy and intervention reflecting social and political relation. Given the embodiment of place-making in the urban landscape, the research depicts the factors in charge for the commoditization process of socio-cultural and spatial aspect, establishing the base line of its realization for the symbolic economy. The study area of this dissertation is the empirical research in Palembang, as one of the capital cities in Indonesia advancing in its overall urban development. To theorize the process of commoditization and localization of urban tourism as a tool for development strategy, it is useful to investigate; the role of tourism which contains (1) the socio-cultural aspect; how neighbourhood is related to social and cultural capital and (2) spatial transformation; how tourism gives significant impacts on urban form.