Profile of Mr René Fleschurz University of Kaiserslautern

René Fleschurz

General research interests

Dealing with demographic change and shrinkage in cities and (rural) regions.
Methods for public involvement and participation in regional planning.
Comparative analysis in spatial planning.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Regional public involvement and participation - strategies to adapt in shrinking rural areas

PhD Abstract

The challenge of a shrinking and aging population combined with the need for economic competition presents a threat for European regions with predominantly rural character. The “communicative turn in planning” (Healey 1992) and the increasing role of governance have changed the planning process in complex societies in general and also have influenced the way of thinking while planning for shrinkage.
The main goal in this research is to assess the potential for public involvement and participation as a tool for innovative and collaborative planning and strategic development in shrinking regions with regard to the perception and severity of problems.