Profile of Ms Polina Koriakina TU Darmstadt

Polina Koriakina

An architect with five years experience, currently I am in the process of applying to a PhD study. Besides I am involved as a volunteer in a project of the city districts' development at the Samara branch of Russian Union of Architects.

General research interests

My main research interests are the socio-economic and political transformations of a city in transition, and how they are reflected on the public spaces and define the phenomenon of a city square. The main focus of research is the post-socialist cities' transition. I am especially interested in the changing features of small public spaces (squares in particular), and the strong influence of the sociological dimension on their development.

PhD Abstract

Currently I am in the process of applying to a PhD study at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany). The research topic is "public spaces' development" with the main focus on a transitional city and neighbourhood public spaces; the case study is Berlin.