Profile of Ms Nora Sophie Schröder University of Augsburg, Germany

Nora Sophie Schröder

General research interests

European Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies
Chantal Mouffe
Identity theory
Multiple Europes

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

EUrope under (re-)construction: Multiple self-understandings of “Europe” in the socio-political field of the TTIP-conflict

PhD Abstract

The relatively low voter turnout of 42,54% in the European elections in 2014 reflected the very low interest of the European median voter for the European Institutions that continue to be perceived as insulated from citizens.. In contrast however, the “Stop-TTIP”-initiative has revealed a significantly different picture: On October 11th 2014, individuals and collective initiatives protested all over Europe on a European-wide day of action against the Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TTIP). They united to “Stop TTIP” in a European Citizen Initiative. Is a “European demos” rising? The current multidimensional crisis of the EU (economical, institutional, and in terms of citizen's trust and attachment) keeps this question returning to the fore.