Profile of Miss Nilay Nida Can Middle East Technical University

Nilay Nida Can

General research interests

urban conservation, urban design

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

City and Regional Planning

PhD Abstract

With the establishment of Turkish Republic, Atatürk Forest Farm became both an urban green corridor and the place implemented modern agricultural and industrial production methods. Also, the adopted values of modern Turkish society can be traced from this urban heritage area. However, changing socio-politic and economic relations threaten the existence of the AOÇ site. The risk of loss has been increasing with the following reasons; incompatibility of conservation master plan and other city plans; the contradiction between conservation and other laws, practices; disconnected communication among institutions and public; the hidden place memory. In this study, a proposal based on a participatory GIS model is developed to reveal the compatibilities and contradictions of city plans and conservation master plans, laws, public-institutional communication, and place memory in Atatürk Forest Farm. In this respect, it is aimed to determine and sustain the heritage values of AOÇ through documentation of plans, laws, and ideas.