Profile of Mr Mohammad Hamed Abdi - Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid

Mohammad Hamed Abdi

General research interests

An enthusiastic urban researcher interested in sustainable movements in general and related-policy transfer of global urban strategies like TOD in particular.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Towards Transit-Oriented Planning in Iran: Understanding policy, planning and urban design prerequisites

PhD Abstract

In recent decades, remarkable interests in the interplay between development and transportation have been generated to encourage public and non-motorized transportation modes so as to alleviate pollution caused by car dependency. Transit- Oriented Development (TOD) could represent the idea to showcase compact, walkable places around high capacity public transport nodes. TOD may encounter special conditions of planning in terms of various socio-economic and cultural contexts as well as physical and institutional aspects. The urban planning system of Iran pursues completely car-oriented planning and design over recent decades which portray behaviours and, unfortunately, create inappropriate urban areas in terms of pollutions. To date, the government and policymakers, however, have seriously made some efforts to turn it into a sustainable way. Approving a recent national document for developing TOD in Iran can be a perfect example of this. The research, therefore, aims to bridge the Iran planning system and TOD strategies to feed the decision-making process by providing supportive research. In other words, this research project will examine how Transit- Oriented Development as a planning instrument is constructed in the planning domain and is implemented in Iranian cities. In this regard, the research questions are as follows. (1) How is Transit- Oriented Development understood and constructed in the Iran planning context? (2) How do planning prerequisites guarantee a successful urban TOD program in Iran? To do so, the research will benefit from a mixed quantitative and qualitative method. Apart from reviewing the literature, an empirical study will be conducted based on the collected data. Having analyzed the data, a set of planning prerequisites focusing on Iran's urban context will be comprehensively derived by the researcher. The results will help in drawing rules to set the TOD concept in the future planning of Iranian cities.