Profile of Mr Mohamed Saleh University of Groningen

Mohamed Saleh

I work as a PhD researcher at the University of Groningen. Before that, I had worked for 4 years as a teaching assistant was at Alexandria University. In both cities Alexandria and now in Groningen, I have been assigned, or volunteered to coordinate activities, such as seminars, international workshops and field excursions. I previously took part in the grass-root movements of Egypt. Since September 2013, an Erasmus scholarship program has allowed me to be indulged in a very vibrant research environment, in which I have dedicated my research agenda to bridge urban stories from the Global South with Western academia.

General research interests

I am an architect and a researcher who is eager to explore the field of urban politics, and the ways through which it relates to other important domains about the city such as urban planning, governance and institutional design. Currently, I am writing a PhD dissertation based on Journal publications. It revolves around exploring new parameters that support planners and architects in coping with attributes of the post-political city. At the moment, I derive my main inspirations from post-structuralist thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Rancière and Jean Hillier, as well as complexity-based notions such as self-organisation, emergence and co-evolution.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Planning in the face of contemporary urban politics: towards unpacking the complexity of the post-political city