Profile of Mr Miguel Marinho Faculty of Engineeringn of the University of Oporto

Miguel Marinho

Young scholar starting the doctoral program. After the degree in civil engineering and the master thesis in urban planning has worked on a company for a year before starting the PhD full time. Outside work personal interests are cinema and theatre. Also a assiduous traveler.

General research interests

Civil engineer specialized in urban planning, environment and transportation. Master thesis entitled "Planning and conception of public spaces in a crime-prevention perspective". Worked in a company developing urban regeneration projects' applications for european structural funds. Current PhD research entitled "The impact of retail in the morphology of cities: the case of portuguese medium-sized cities". Interests in urban planning and design in a general sense.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The impact of retail in the morphology of cities: the case of portuguese medium-sized cities

PhD Abstract

Commercial formats have been changing, as have patterns of consumption, movement, and land form around the new enterprises. In the context of medium-sized cities, which present a new pivotal role in the urban structure, the aim of this thesis is to look upon retail in a urban planners perspective. So far it has been tackled almost only in an economic sense, even when regeneration through retail is considered. Here the aim is to start not with the form, but the function (retail), and understand how the form changes once a new enterprise is established in the urban scenario. The work is only in its first stages, but the aim may well be to create an impact algorithm on the urban structure (in a physical, social, economic and land use sense) due to the implementation of retail. This may help create new policies and instruments for molding urban scenarios.