Profile of Miss Marta Busnelli Politecnico di Milano

Marta Busnelli

As an architect and independent researcher, I believe that architecture has many shades and perspectives. The things that all of them have in common, or so I argue, are people’s sensations, perceptions, desires and needs. The aim of my academic and personal research was to achieve a high understanding over people’s perception and use of space, in order to think and design buildings, objects and spaces that are fully comfortable, enjoyable and desirable for their final users.

General research interests

My general research interest are linked to the investigation of examples of urban intensities inside different city cases, in order to produce a sort of model of intervention for present and future urban hubs. The research wants to establish and produce a short list of tools and examples of vernacular appropriation of urban space by citizens in order to create sense of community, identity and security and, consequently, to give a truly sense of intensity and liveness inside these urban hubs.