Profile of Ms Magdalena Wisniewska Cracow Univrsity of Technology

Magdalena Wisniewska

I graduated with honours from the Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology in 2008. During my studies, I took several workshop and scholars of national and international programmes (e.g. Erasmus Exchange Programme at Copenhagen Technical University; Exchange Programme at University of Tennessee). Her experience studying architecture and working throughout Europe and in the USA has exposed me to a wide-ranging group of project typologies with diverse relationship to the issue of ecology, sustainability and mixed-use projects. Since 2012 I have been a licensed architect IARP with unlimited qualification to design in architecture.

General research interests

Scientific interests concentrates on the issues of urban planning, modern cities and condition of the public space.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title


PhD Abstract

My scientific interests are concentrated on the issues of the public space with multi-dimensional approach, including its contemporary condition, aesthetics, function, composition, and social issues in the context of project activities. My research are entitled "Experiments with urban space inspired by the processes of cultural, social and technological changes- European trends ".
During my researches, I have been trying to study the understanding of such notions as new phenomena in the urban spaces in Poland and in other European countries. The other goals of my research are an attempt to apprehend the qualitative indicators of it, eg. measurable and unmeasurable features, and the objective and subjective characteristics of modern public space.