Profile of Mr Jimly Al Faraby School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University

Jimly Al Faraby

General research interests

Streets, Public space, Urban Design, Urban Informality

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Exploring the Roles of Streets as an Asset in Informal Settlement

PhD Abstract

My research aims to 'Explore the Roles of Streets as an Asset in Informal Settlements'. In general, this study will investigate the interaction between streets, an under-recognised physical asset acting as a local incidental public space in informal settlements, and the socio-cultural, political, and economic life of inhabitants of informal settlements.

It will investigate the morphology and design of streets and streets network, how streets are used and perceived by communities, and examine power relations in planning, designing, and managing streets in informal settlements.

It seeks to address theoretical gaps related to the planning, design and management of ordinary streets in the organic urban form of informal settlements in the developing world. It will also address the materiality aspect of power and control in public space, and the issue of public realm and public space in informal settlements.