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Jessica de

She has a background in public policy and public administration and has been involved in multiple research projects addressing climate change, river basin management and societal transitions. Also educated at the Royal Academy of Arts, De Boer is specialized in searching for the practical application and visualization of theoretical concepts and ideas.

General research interests

The dynamics between and within natural and social systems fascinate me, specifically how humans try to influence these systems.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Planning Resilient Energy Landscapes

PhD Abstract

Her PhD research focuses on the energy transition through a study of integrated energy landscapes, sustainable energy initiatives and co-evolution.

Latest deposited documents

Towards a Resilient Energy Landscape image
Towards a Resilient Energy Landscape (January 2013)

In this paper we show that an area-based approach to the ‘energy transition' has potentials for a better understanding of the factors...

20121210_YAmeeting2013_ABSTRACT_JessicadeBoer&ChristianZuidema_2ndVersion image
20121210_YAmeeting2013_ABSTRACT_JessicadeBoer&ChristianZuidema_2ndVersion (October 2012)

In this contribution to the YA AESOP 2013 we discuss a new role for the spatial planner in the energy transition. The spatial dimension is...

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old version (October 2012)

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YAmeetingVIENNA_RegistrationForm_JessicadeBoer (October 2012)

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