Profile of Miss Isabelle Loris Ghent University, Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning

Isabelle Loris

Geographer (VUBrussel) and additional course in Spatial planning (UGent) and urban development (KULeuven).
Phd on spatial aspects of housing: the demographic challenge in its spatial context. This research happens in colloboration with KULeuven.

General research interests

spatial planning
urban planning
housing market

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Rhe demographic challenge in its spatial context

PhD Abstract

From a policy perspective (eg Spatial Policy Plan Flanders), the challenge is moved forward to expect to population and household growth (housing needs) to absorb within the limited space available. The space question that arises from this is not known at this time. She hangs in each case together with the available supply of vacant lots, vacant, re-usability, interweaving possibilities Enver sealing possible
present. Also proposes may wonder whether this offer and must be spatially controlled to (un) reinforce desired spatial trends (brownfield projects) or counteract (suburbanization, verlinting, dissemination). And how this can happen.
The PhD will focus on what Detect (existing assets and potential supply plots, demographic trends and forecasting, planning policy and housing policy) and achieving desired policy (where and how to adjust). The central question is "how demographic pressures to 2030 2050 or can be collected under the assumption that the existing range of (urban) plots can be used taking into account trends, demographic projections and desired spatial policy."
Thereby degenerate insight into growth enkrimpregio's spatial dynamics of development (weaving, job changes, compaction phenomena, re-usability, (sub) urbanization trends), and migratory movements. Use will be made of it at present greenfield data as to the permits registers.