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Hyunju Jang

General research interests

My general interest is about how the existing residential buildings can be adapted to future climate change.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

A study evaluating thermal retrofitting of the existing apartments and impact of climate change in SouthKorea

PhD Abstract

Apartments, which occupy 58% of housing in South Korea, have been rapidly developed. Those built in the 1980sā€“1990s are poorly situation to allow demolition for redevelopment. As the apartments are suffered from low ability of energy efficiency, energy retrofitting options are considered for existing apartments to extend their life span. However, it is arguable whether energy retrofitting, which has been applied to detached houses and low-rise apartments in Europe, is transferable to high-rise apartments developed at high density in South Korea. Also, there is a lack of research to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of this approach. This study attempts to address this by evaluating the effectiveness of energy retrofitting and the impact of future climate change on the lifespan of such buildings.
As 95% of heat loss occurs from wall, roof and openings, this study is focusing on heat loss through the envelope. Revisions in thermal resistance legislation allow existing apartments to be categorised into three periods with corresponding thermal resistance; 1980ā€“1983, 1984ā€“1986, 1987ā€“2000. Three apartments are chosen, one from each period, for the case study. The research method is designed in three steps; analysing actual energy consumption, evaluating retrofitting efficiency and understanding impact of future climate change.
This study is expected to contribute to the establishment of an energy retrofitting reference guide, to help in the development of retrofitting systems for existing apartments, and to raise awareness of the benefits of energy retrofitting on the living environment and energy usage.

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