Profile of Mr Guowei Lyu University of Amsterdam

Guowei Lyu

General research interests

Transit Oriented Development, GIS, accessibility, spatial justice, transport and land use planning, energy

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The impacts of different types of Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) on job accessibility, firm performance, and firms' energy consuming in the Chinese context

PhD Abstract

research explores the actual and potential effects of transit oriented development (TOD) in the Chinese context, its capability of addressing emerging, topical urban problems, with the aim of gaining insights that can feed into Chinese urban planning practices. While there is already a significant body of knowledge on TOD and its effects, the specificities of the Chinese context (e.g. the scale and pace of the urbanization and motorization process, the institutional arrangements around land development and transport provision) demand more context-situated definitions of what TOD is, can and does achieve. The research will integrate theories and concepts from human geography, urban planning and transport studies and employ a variety of research methods (e.g. web-surveys with local practitioners and stakeholders, field observations, spatial and statistical analysis), to develop a typology of TOD in the Chinese context and explore some effects of TOD and its capability of addressing problems such as increasing scarcity of available urban land, inequality of spatial accessibility, and long commutes. The research will also generate new insights about the applicability of TOD principles in the Chinese context, and more in general its transferability to different contexts.