Profile of Mr Gareth Fearn Newcastle University

Gareth Fearn

General research interests

I am interested in the relationship between politics and planning, in particular how this relates to energy production and the challenges of climate change, and the role of democracy within planning processes.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The ‘Authoritarian Turn’ in Environmental Governance? Examining the (Re)politicisation of Shale Gas Fracking in the U.K.

PhD Abstract

My research focuses on a ‘political moment’ for environmental governance. It examines the case of shale gas fracking in the U.K. through discourse analysis and interviews, drawing on literature that characterises planning as ‘post-political’ and recent work on the (re)emergence of authoritarian tendencies in governance more generally. It seeks to understand how the anti-fracking movement has politicised the issue and the state response, as a basis for theorising if and how neoliberalism hegemony is being maintained over both planning and governance more generally.