Profile of Miss Elsa RICHARD Transdisciplinary Research Centre on Cities, Territories, Environment and Societies (CITERES) - University of Tours


I am a PhD student in planning at the university of Tours, in the research unit CITERES (UMR CITERES 6173), France

General research interests

Analysis of climate public policies, and adaptation policy in particular: how does local scale face anthropogenic climate impacts? what are the drivers/conditions of climate change adaptation implementation at local sacale?

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Territorial adaptation to climate change: towards a renewal in planning practices and conceptions?

PhD Abstract

Climate change leads to a reconsideration of some practices on territories. Many components of territorial organization are then directly concerned by higher climate variability which potentially affects all society sectors : increased inundation risk, alteration of energy production, changes in farming and breeding practices, increased droughts and fire risk, etc. Henceforth, compelled by recent legislative evolutions in France , adaptation to climate change constitutes an new field for territorial public policy, needed to be integrated in all territorial strategic decision processes which will be likely to incur impacts of climatic changes . However, until now, adaptation integration in local public policy has been mainly sporadic, depending on individual willingness . If researches on impacts and vulnerabilities have produced enough knowledge to justify adaptation to climate change, it still appears insufficient to implement an efficient adaptation planning strategy. This PhD work emerges within this context of a lack of comprehension of both integration forms of climate change effects in territorial action, and possible modes of adaptation at local scale. Based on two main postulates which attest, on the one hand, that impacts and adaptation implementations differ from one territory to another, and on the other hand, that uncertainty associated to the effects of climate change cannot be reduced, this research aims to better understand, through a systemic territorial approach of adaptation issue, in what extends local management of climate change effects could renewal planning practices and conceptions. More specifically, this work proposes to deepen and describe relations between interterritorality or multi-scale articulation and modalities of the integration of adaptation in public policies. The research aims precisely to verify the hypothesis which states that adaptation integration at local scale reinforces both, a territorial logical in terms of development and governance, through reflexivity and public debate suggested by local management of climate change effects (Godard, 2010) , and interterritorial relations, through the characterization of the sharing line between territorial solidarity and responsibility.