Profile of Mrs elisa conticelli university of bologna

elisa conticelli

Graduated in Building Engineering in 2001, Since 2007 she has been research fellow at the University of Bologna in different branches of urban planning
She is Ph. Doctor in “Spaces and Time of the city and of the territory”
Since 2006, she has been contract professor at the University of Bologna.
She is member of many associations, commissions and working-groups in the field of urban planning
She is peer reviewer for some international Journals
She is author of more than 30 papers and volumes

General research interests

urban regeneration, landscape planning, sustainable mobility, modal interchange, green infrastructures, urban densification

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

The role of the great railway nodes within regeneration policies for the city and territories

PhD Abstract

the research concerns in particular the role of railway stations in urban regeneration experiences. The research focuses the relationships between regeneration of railway station areas and urban and transport planning practices to develop new sustainable and transit-oriented pieces of cities. the main outcomes are the definition of a easy-to-use method to assess the performances of railway stations both in terms of urban places and transport nodes