Profile of Mr Attila Tóth Institute of Management STU in Bratislava

Attila Tóth

PhD student of Spatial Planning in Slovakia

General research interests

Regional resilience, Development of crossborder area

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Regional resilience and Risk management

PhD Abstract

The resilience of socio-ecological systems (or further only SESs) and capability of adaptability to global changes depend particularly on a quality of social capital, their capability of communication and cooperation on vertical and horizontal basis. The concept of resilience is perceived as a capability of adequate respond to new challenges of regions and settlements systems.

Integration of ecological and social systems, within their coexistence in landscape, is affected by approach humans take to nature, and their previous relationship between these elements. Good examples of these feedbacks are ecosystem services, which are affected by a quality of relationship between these elements of landscape. This means, that a favourable approach to nature evokes positive feedback in a direction from a nature to humans, and vice versa. On basis of this verified relationship, in terms of regional resilience, to find a optimal governance structure with adequate sensitivity to feedbacks.